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Are you seeking a treatment for any form of ailment whose treatment is not readily available in the country or you just want to visit Canada for a change of environment have an exciting holiday with your family? Submit an assessment and let's see how we can be of help as we provide exhaustive information for decision-making and budget-planning as you take a medical treatment and holidaying in Canada.

Additional Information:

The assessment fee is NGN 10,000. It is charged to determine your eligibility as we review your submitted profile and give you a personalised professional advice with our charges if you have a workable profile, the assessment fee is payable online and the fee is non-refundable.

It is wise to determine your eligibility with the sum of NGN 10,000 than to pay rogue agent/agency who may eventually defraud you with their empty promises.

Note: We do not work for hustlers who are simply looking for means to abscond the country knowing fully that they have no intention of returning back to Nigeria and will not respect the conditions of their visa. Kindly ensure that the information you are about to provide are genuine to help us serve you better.
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